Humanization of Care

Humanization of Care .

Our Elements of Practice

Respect for patient’s dignity, uniqueness, individuality, and humanity, as well as enabling adequate Health and Well-being conditions backed by sufficient human and material resources

Easily accessible preventive wellness programs, in which patients are connected to a personal health coach (offered as part of the care services), can engage consumers early and often in their care journey and reduce the likelihood of future surgical interventions and the seeking out of emergency care.

Unlocking the Potential of a Consumer-First Mindset in Healthcare

Primaria enabling healthcare practices to adopt a consumer-first mindset to accommodate today’s patients, explores the current trend of treating patients more like consumers, and shows how patient engagement and the new patient experience is rapidly changing the healthcare industry.

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21st Century Healthcare

Primaria enables by providing customers with choice in services, control over their treatment plans, transparency in cost, continuity in health with wearables and technology, and convenience in how and when they receive care.

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